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Battery Services from Dartford Easy tyres - Mobile Tyre Fitting

Easy Tyre offers a comprehensive battery service; FREE battery check, replacement if necessary, and our battery service includes environmentally friendly disposal of old batteries.

Most batteries now require no regular maintenance, but to extend life you can check and clean your car battery, as well as charging it when needed. Modern car batteries have a life expectancy of around five to seven years, but it’s pretty much impossible to predict when the end is getting near.

Car batteries suffer if heavily discharged, damaging the cells as well as failing to start the car. So, if the charge warning light comes on, or if the battery seems very sluggish on starting, get the system checked as soon as possible.

Basic voltage, current rating and the size of battery must be right for the make and model of your car. There is also the choice of battery make, capacity, grid type and warranty life. These factors will be reflected in the price - generally the higher capacities and longer guarantees are featured in the more expensive brands. In most cases, they will all be worth paying for - particularly in the case of a diesel engine where cold-start current demand will be higher than for the same sized petrol engine.

Maintenance-free batteries use lead-calcium for both grids, and this is now a widely sold type of battery. An alternative, sometimes cheaper type is the “hybrid” lead-calcium/lead-antimony low maintenance battery, or the older style plain lead-antimony battery.

Easy Tyre will advise on the battery best suited to your car and budget and our FREE battery check will enable you to make the right choice.

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Avoid Getting a Flat Battery

  1. Do not leave the interior lights on.
  2. Sevice your vehicle before the winter.
  3. Check the alternator in your vehicle to ensure it is working correctly.
  4. If you drive a diesel vehicle change your glow plugs at the first signs of failure, to save wear on your battery.

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